Free Spirit | The Importance of Warming Up
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The Importance of Warming Up

Before any workout it’s always a good ideal to warm up properly. The reason being your body tends to respond to it better than just jumping right into a workout. I would compare it to jumping in to an older model car and starting it up and just pulling off. if you warm the car up for a little bit it seems to run a lot smoother and better. You should take about 5 to 15 minutes to warm up.
Me personally would pick the 15 minute variety your body will thank you in the end. Walking on a treadmill is always a good way to warm up or jumping rope or maybe starting your workout with your sit ups first to warm up. In boxing we do calisthenics and jump rope. In fitness jogging treadmill elliptical or sit ups and calisthenics as well.

The point is no matter which one these warm up methods you use do one to avoid injuries and to give your body a chance to burn more calories and have a better workout.