Free Spirit | Kaleon Green
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Kg “Super Trainer” is the owner and founder of Free Spirit Boxing & Fitness in West Los Angeles. He was coached by and assisted Hall of Fame boxing coach Amilcar Brusa for three years, and was assistant to the trainer of the stars and owner of LB4LB Boxing Gym, Terry Claybon, where they constructed a boxing team. In addition, he ran Denzel Washington’s Boxing Camp for Kids for five years.


Kaleon is a certified boxing coach with over 18 years of boxing experience. He has worked with amateur and professional boxers, and has been involved in private fitness training and personalized fitness training for the past seven years. Kaleon specializes in boxing, fitness training, nutrition for weight loss, and cross-training which shocks the body to give consistent results.


Free Spirit Boxing & Fitness is the result of dedication and training. This boxing and fitness gym in West Los Angeles, with an emphasis on personal training, wellness, one-on-one boxing and fitness classes, is Kg’s passion. He has worked with various entertainers such as Omar Gooding, Denzel Washington, and Medina Islam.


*No membership fee when you sign up for personal training with Kaleon.

The fastest way to LOSE weight is to MOVE weight.