Free Spirit | How to do Crunches Correctly
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How to do Crunches Correctly

Many people do not know the correct way to do crunches. Doing crunches the wrong way can be the reason most people tend not to want to do crunches. If done the wrong way crunches can cause pain to the neck and back areas. Even though abs are made in the kitchen crunches play a key part in toning and strengthening the abdominal core. In fitness boxing and other sports your technique plays a huge part in your over all performance. With this being said the correct way to do any crunch is keeping the tips of your elbows facing and pointing towards the walls at all times. You also want to lift your shoulder blades off the ground or mat just about 2 to 3 inches while engaging the core and looking at the sky or ceiling. Your hands should be behind your head and top of your neck. Please make sure not to pull on the head because that’s what strains the neck or back and causes pain and make sure you remember to breathe.