Free Spirit | Boxing
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Boxing is a fantastic way to gain strength, lean muscle, and burn fat FAST. Workout out in a boxing ring with a good coach like Kaleon Green can burn 1200-1500 calories an hour. It also improves cardio, and is a full-body workout. Have fun boxing your way into shape, and lose weight doing it! You’ll gain self-confidence, hand-and-eye coordination, and think outside the box while you tone your body and strengthen your core.


At Free Spirit Boxing & Fitness, you will have full access to a boxing ring, multiple punching bags, as well as the training and oversight of top boxing trainers such as Los Angeles trainer Kaleon Green (also known as KG “Super Trainer”) who has extensive experience in one-on-one boxing, as well as boxing classes, wellness training, personal training, private training, fitness classes, and nutrition for weight loss.


Through his work with Amilcar Brusa and Terry Claybon, KG “Super Trainer” has over 85 combined years of boxing knowledge.